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Component to issue work for the compute shader on GPU. More...

Import Statement: import
Since: Qt 5.7



Detailed Description

A ComputeCommand is used to issue work for the compute shader. The compute shader is specified in the Material component of the same entity the ComputeCommand is added to. The workGroupX, workGroupY and workGroupZ properties specify the work group sizes for the compute shader invocation. DispatchCompute node needs to be present in the FrameGraph to actually issue the commands.

Note: If the rendering policy is set to RenderSettings.OnDemand and there are no changes to the scene, the ComputeCommand will not be invoked repeatedly. The RenderSettings.Always render policy must be set for the ComputeCommand to be repeatedly invoked if there are no other changes to the scene that triggers rendering a new frame.

Property Documentation

workGroupX : int

Specifies X workgroup size.

workGroupY : int

Specifies Y workgroup size.

workGroupZ : int

Specifies Z workgroup size.

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