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Attached Properties

Detailed Description

The Package type is used in conjunction with DelegateModel to enable delegates with a shared context to be provided to multiple views.

Any item within a Package may be assigned a name via the attached property.

The example below creates a Package containing two named items; list and grid. The third item in the package (the Rectangle) is parented to whichever delegate it should appear in. This allows an item to move between views.

Package {
    Text { id: listDelegate; width: parent.width; height: 25; text: 'Empty'; 'list' }
    Text { id: gridDelegate; width: parent.width / 2; height: 50; text: 'Empty'; 'grid' }

    Rectangle {
        id: wrapper
        width: parent.width; height: 25
        color: 'lightsteelblue'

        Text { text: display; anchors.centerIn: parent }
        state: root.upTo > index ? 'inGrid' : 'inList'
        states: [
            State {
                name: 'inList'
                ParentChange { target: wrapper; parent: listDelegate }
            State {
                name: 'inGrid'
                ParentChange {
                    target: wrapper; parent: gridDelegate
                    x: 0; y: 0; width: gridDelegate.width; height: gridDelegate.height

        transitions: [
            Transition {
                ParentAnimation {
                    NumberAnimation { properties: 'x,y,width,height'; duration: 300 }

These named items are used as the delegates by the two views who reference the special DelegateModel::parts property to select a model which provides the chosen delegate.

DelegateModel {
    id: visualModel
    delegate: Delegate {}
    model: myModel

ListView {
    id: lv
    height: parent.height/2
    width: parent.width

GridView {
    y: parent.height/2
    height: parent.height/2
    width: parent.width
    cellWidth: width / 2
    cellHeight: 50

See also Qt Quick Examples - Views, Qt Quick Demo - Photo Viewer, and Qt QML.

Attached Property Documentation : string

This attached property holds the name of an item within a Package.

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