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A grid of days for a calendar month. More...

Import Statement: import Qt.labs.calendar 1.0




Detailed Description

MonthGrid presents a calendar month in a grid. The contents are calculated for a given month and year, using the specified locale.

MonthGrid {
    month: Calendar.December
    year: 2015
    locale: Qt.locale("en_US")

MonthGrid can be used as a standalone control, but it is most often used in conjunction with DayOfWeekRow and WeekNumberColumn. Regardless of the use case, positioning of the grid is left to the user.

GridLayout {
    columns: 2

    DayOfWeekRow {
        locale: grid.locale

        Layout.column: 1
        Layout.fillWidth: true

    WeekNumberColumn {
        month: grid.month
        year: grid.year
        locale: grid.locale

        Layout.fillHeight: true

    MonthGrid {
        id: grid
        month: Calendar.December
        year: 2015
        locale: Qt.locale("en_US")

        Layout.fillWidth: true
        Layout.fillHeight: true

The visual appearance of MonthGrid can be changed by implementing a custom delegate.

Note: Types in Qt.labs modules are not guaranteed to remain compatible in future versions.

See also DayOfWeekRow, WeekNumberColumn, and CalendarModel.

Property Documentation

delegate : Component

This property holds the item delegate that visualizes each day.

In addition to the index property, a list of model data roles are available in the context of each delegate:

model.date : date The date of the cell
model.day : int The number of the day
model.today : bool Whether the delegate represents today
model.weekNumber : int The week number
model.month : int The number of the month
model.year : int The number of the year

The following snippet presents the default implementation of the item delegate. It can be used as a starting point for implementing custom delegates.

delegate: Text {
    horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignHCenter
    verticalAlignment: Text.AlignVCenter
    opacity: model.month === control.month ? 1 : 0
    text: model.day
    font: control.font

month : int

This property holds the number of the month. The default value is the current month.

The Qt Labs Calendar module uses 0-based month numbers to be consistent with the JavaScript Date type, that is used by the QML language. This means that Date::getMonth() can be assigned to this property as is. When dealing with dealing with month numbers directly, it is highly recommended to use the following enumeration values to avoid confusion.

Constant Description
Calendar.January January (0)
Calendar.February February (1)
Calendar.March March (2)
Calendar.April April (3)
Calendar.May May (4)
Calendar.June June (5)
Calendar.July July (6)
Calendar.August August (7)
Calendar.September September (8)
Calendar.October October (9)
Calendar.November November (10)
Calendar.December December (11)

See also Calendar.

title : string

This property holds a title for the calendar.

This property is provided for convenience. MonthGrid itself does not visualize the title. The default value consists of the month name, formatted using locale, and the year number.

year : int

This property holds the number of the year.

The value must be in the range from -271820 to 275759. The default value is the current year.

Signal Documentation

clicked(date date)

This signal is emitted when date is clicked.

pressAndHold(date date)

This signal is emitted when date is pressed and held down.

pressed(date date)

This signal is emitted when date is pressed.

released(date date)

This signal is emitted when date is released.

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