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Provides means to print current GL driver state info. More...

Import Statement: import QtCanvas3D 1.1
Since: QtCanvas3D 1.0


Detailed Description

An uncreatable QML type that provides an extension API that can be used to dump current OpenGL driver state as a string that can be then, for example, be printed on the console log. You can get it by calling Context3D.getExtension with "QTCANVAS3D_gl_state_dump" as parameter.

Typical usage could be something like this:

// Declare the variable to contain the extension
var stateDumpExt;
// After the context has been created from Canvas3D get the extension
stateDumpExt = gl.getExtension("QTCANVAS3D_gl_state_dump");
// When you want to print the current GL state with everything enabled
// Check that you indeed have a valid extension (for portability) then use it
if (stateDumpExt)
    log("GL STATE DUMP:\n"+stateDumpExt.getGLStateDump(stateDumpExt.DUMP_FULL));

See also Context3D.

Method Documentation

string getGLStateDump(stateDumpEnums options)

Returns OpenGL driver state with given options as a human readable string that can be printed. Optional paremeter options may contain bitfields masked together from following options:

  • GLStateDumpExt.DUMP_BASIC_ONLY Includes only very basic OpenGL state information.
  • GLStateDumpExt.DUMP_VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAYS_BIT Includes all vertex attribute array information.
  • GLStateDumpExt.DUMP_VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAYS_BUFFERS_BIT Includes size and type from all currently active vertex attribute arrays (including the currently bound element array) to verify that there are actual values in the array.
  • GLStateDumpExt.DUMP_FULL Includes everything.

This command is handled synchronously.

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