ExclusiveGroup provides a way to declare several checkable controls as mutually exclusive. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 1.4



Detailed Description

ExclusiveGroup can contain several Action items, and those will automatically get their Action::exclusiveGroup property assigned.

ExclusiveGroup {
    id: radioInputGroup

    Action {
        id: dabRadioInput
        text: "DAB"
        checkable: true

    Action {
        id: fmRadioInput
        text: "FM"
        checkable: true

    Action {
        id: amRadioInput
        text: "AM"
        checkable: true

Several controls already support ExclusiveGroup, e.g. Action, MenuItem, Button, and RadioButton.

As ExclusiveGroup only supports Action as child items, we need to manually assign the exclusiveGroup property for other objects.

GroupBox {
    id: group2
    title: qsTr("Tab Position")
    Layout.fillWidth: true
    RowLayout {
        ExclusiveGroup { id: tabPositionGroup }
        RadioButton {
            id: topButton
            text: qsTr("Top")
            checked: true
            exclusiveGroup: tabPositionGroup
            Layout.minimumWidth: 100
        RadioButton {
            id: bottomButton
            text: qsTr("Bottom")
            exclusiveGroup: tabPositionGroup
            Layout.minimumWidth: 100

Adding support to ExclusiveGroup

It is possible to add support for ExclusiveGroup for an object or control. It should have a checked property, and either a checkedChanged, toggled(), or toggled(bool) signal. It also needs to be bound with ExclusiveGroup::bindCheckable() when its ExclusiveGroup typed property is set.

Item {
    id: myItem

    property bool checked: false
    property ExclusiveGroup exclusiveGroup: null

    onExclusiveGroupChanged: {
        if (exclusiveGroup)

The example above shows the minimum code necessary to add ExclusiveGroup support to any item.

Property Documentation

current : object

The currently selected object. Defaults to the first checked object bound to the ExclusiveGroup. If there is none, then it defaults to null.

Method Documentation

void bindCheckable(object)

Register object to the exclusive group.

You should only need to call this function when creating a component you want to be compatible with ExclusiveGroup.

See also ExclusiveGroup::unbindCheckable().

void unbindCheckable(object)

Unregister object from the exclusive group.

You should only need to call this function when creating a component you want to be compatible with ExclusiveGroup.

See also ExclusiveGroup::bindCheckable().

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