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Used to define columns in a TableView or in a TreeView. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 1.4
Since: Qt 5.1




Detailed Description

TableViewColumn represents a column within a TableView or a TreeView. It provides properties to decide how the data in that column is presented.

TableView {
    TableViewColumn { role: "title"; title: "Title"; width: 100 }
    TableViewColumn { role: "author"; title: "Author"; width: 200 }
    model: libraryModel

See also TableView and TreeView.

Property Documentation

delegate : Component

The delegate of the column. This can be used to set the itemDelagate of a TableView or TreeView for a specific column.

In the delegate you have access to the following special properties:

  • styleData.selected - if the item is currently selected
  • styleData.value - the value or text for this item
  • styleData.textColor - the default text color for an item
  • styleData.row - the index of the row
  • styleData.column - the index of the column
  • styleData.elideMode - the elide mode of the column
  • styleData.textAlignment - the horizontal text alignment of the column

elideMode : int

The text elide mode of the column. Allowed values are:

  • Text.ElideNone
  • Text.ElideLeft
  • Text.ElideMiddle
  • Text.ElideRight - the default

See also elide.

horizontalAlignment : int

The horizontal text alignment of the column. Allowed values are:

  • Text.AlignLeft - the default
  • Text.AlignRight
  • Text.AlignHCenter
  • Text.AlignJustify

See also horizontalAlignment.

movable : bool

Determines if the column should be movable. The default value is true.

Note: A non-movable column may get indirectly moved if adjacent columns are movable.

This QML property was introduced in QtQuick.Controls 1.1.

resizable : bool

Determines if the column should be resizable.

This QML property was introduced in QtQuick.Controls 1.1.

role : string

The model role of the column.

title : string

The title text of the column.

visible : bool

The visible status of the column.

width : int

The current width of the column. The default value depends on platform. If only one column is defined, the width expands to the viewport.

Method Documentation

void resizeToContents()

Resizes the column so that the implicitWidth of the contents on every row will fit.

This QML method was introduced in QtQuick.Controls 1.2.