QPieLegendMarker Class

The QPieLegendMarker class is a legend marker for a pie series. More...

Header: #include <QPieLegendMarker>
Inherits: QLegendMarker

Public Functions

virtual ~QPieLegendMarker()
QPieSlice * slice()

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QPieSeries * series()
virtual QLegendMarker::LegendMarkerType type()

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QPieLegendMarker class is a legend marker for a pie series.

A pie legend marker is related to QPieSeries. With a pie series, each slice of the pie is related to one marker in the legend.

See also QLegend, QPieSeries, and QPieSlice.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QPieLegendMarker::~QPieLegendMarker()

Removes the legend marker for a pie series.

[virtual] QPieSeries *QPieLegendMarker::series()

Reimplemented from QLegendMarker::series().

QPieSlice *QPieLegendMarker::slice()

Returns the slice of the pie related to the marker.

[virtual] QLegendMarker::LegendMarkerType QPieLegendMarker::type()

Reimplemented from QLegendMarker::type().

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