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Qt Audio Engine QML Types

Qt Audio Engine is part of the Qt Multimedia module. Qt Audio Engine provides types for 3D positional audio playback and content management.

The QML types can be imported into your application using the following import statement in your .qml file:

import QtAudioEngine 1.1

Qt Audio Engine Features

Qt Audio Engine enables developers to organize wave files into discrete Sound with different play variations, group sound controls by AudioCategory categories and define attenuation models and various 3D audio settings all in one place. Playback of sound instances can be conveniently activated by in-app events and managed by QtAudioEngine or controlled by explicitly defining SoundInstance for easier QML bindings.


QML types


Defines a non-linear attenuation curve for a Sound


Defines a linear attenuation curve for a Sound


Control all active sound instances by group


Organize all your 3d audio content in one place


Control global listener parameters


Load audio samples, mostly .wav


Define a playback variation for sounds. So each time the playback of the same sound can be a slightly different even with the same AudioSample


Define a variety of samples and parameters to be used for SoundInstance


Play 3d audio content

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