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Qt Canvas 3D Known WebGL Conformance Issues

  • No emulation for vertex attrib 0 arrays. Always have vertex attrib 0 array enabled. In desktop OpenGL on some platforms (for example macOS), nothing gets drawn if vertex attrib 0 is not array-enabled. You can use bindAttribLocation() to force a vertex attribute to use location 0, and use enableVertexAttribArray() to make it array-enabled.
  • No special error detection for binding attributes to overlapping locations (i.e. attribute aliasing) when linking a shader program.
  • The drawArrays and drawElements calls don't check for the validity of the enabled attributes or the buffers they point to.
  • Enabling the stencil context attribute also forces the depth attribute to be enabled.
  • Disabling alpha context attribute does not work on some platforms.
  • Trying to set canvas size to MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS may result in OUT_OF_MEMORY on some graphics cards.
  • The following extra methods exist for contexts: objectNameChanged, nameChanged, canvasChanged, drawingBufferWidthChanged, and drawingBufferHeightChanged.
  • Canvas3D doesn't have toDataUrl() method.
  • Canvas3D item can't be given as a parameter to Context2D.drawImage().
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