Qt Canvas 3D Logging

Qt Canvas 3D makes use of Qt's categorized logging. The following categories are supported:

Category Description
qt.canvas3d.info.debug Logs on high level information about the OpenGL driver.
qt.canvas3d.rendering.debug Logs all the method calls in Qt Canvas 3D.
qt.canvas3d.rendering.warning Logs all warnings on from Qt Canvas 3D internal verifications that happen before a OpenGL method call is made to the actual graphics driver.
qt.canvas3d.glerrors.debug Enables logging OpenGL driver level errors after each OpenGL command issued by the application. This entails calling synchronous glGetError() after each OpenGL call, which will cause a negative performance hit. Please use only when necessary to find root causes of rendering errors. Also note that the detected OpenGL errors are actually logged as warning messages instead of debug messages.
qt.canvas3d.glerrors.warning Logs OpenGL driver level errors when executing synchronous OpenGL commands issued by the application. If qt.canvas3d.glerrors.debug is also enabled, logs OpenGL errors after all OpenGL calls issued by the application.

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