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Qt Quick Extras Overview

Qt Quick Extras provide a set of UI controls to create user interfaces in Qt Quick.

Getting Started


If you are building Qt Quick Extras from source, you can follow the steps used for most Qt modules:

make install

Using the Controls

The QML types can be imported into your application using the following import statement in your .qml file.

import QtQuick.Extras 1.4

Interactive controls


A checkable button that triggers an action when held in long enough


A circular dial that is rotated to set a value


A popup menu that displays several menu items along an arc


A push button that toggles between two states


A control that can have several spinnable wheels, each with items that can be selected

Non-interactive controls


A gauge that displays a value within a range along an arc


A straight gauge that displays a value within a range


An indicator that displays active or inactive states


An indicator that displays a colorized QPicture icon

Creating a basic example

A basic example of a QML file that makes use of controls is shown here:

import QtQuick 2.2
import QtQuick.Extras 1.4

Rectangle {
    DelayButton {
        anchors.centerIn: parent

For an interactive showcase of the controls provided by Qt Quick Extras, you can look at the Gallery example.

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