Free Mobile App Icons (Top 13 Websites to Find Free Vector Icons) for 2020


Your mobile app’s icon is a lot more powerful than you think. A stand-out icon can play a key role in your user acquisition strategy. It should be a key consideration when you plan your app store optimization.

Your mobile application might offer tons of functionality, but without a good design, it might still not attract enough users. Using well-designed icons to improve the UI can push your Android or iPhone app to the next level.

If you’re not the most design-savvy game or app developer, royalty app icons can be your best friend. You can use royalty-free icons in commercial apps or games without having to pay a designer.

In this post, you can find a collection of the 13 best resources for finding vector icons.

And you can also find 3 tools where you can make your own custom icons for your mobile application.

13 Websites to Find Free Icons for Android and iOS Apps

If you’re looking for royalty-free app icons, which are also free to download, this list is for you. All these sites feature free icon sets and are free for commercial use.

1. Iconfinder – 2,975,000+ free and premium vector icons


First on the list is Iconfinder, which hosts 2,975,000+ free and premium vector icons in SVG, PNG, AI, CSH, and PNG format. If you need a royalty free icon for your mobile app or game, this could be the fastest way to find one.

It has a great search function so you can get easy access to a broad range of matching icons.

Make sure to check the license type of each icon before you download, as they range from royalty free to only being free for personal use.

Iconfinder currently hosts more than 600k icons so there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need here.

2. Iconarchive – 735,000+ free mobile, game, and Web icons


IconArchive has over half a million icons and a large part of these icon sets are free for commercial use.

A nice feature of this site is that when you view an icon, they also show you some similar ones. So if your first choice isn’t suitable, you can find another one without too much hassle.

You can also browse by category, such as most popular or the newest additions. Don’t forget to check the license type of them to make sure they’re royalty free, before you include them in your phone app or game.

3. Flaticons – 2,500+ free icons


Faticons is a great place to find free vector icons for your mobile application.

This site has a great range of standard icons in many categories suited for mobile apps and games.

After selecting the icon, you can then customize to get the color, shape, and size that you need.

They offer a free collection of the vector icon pack that you can download right away. With over 24 categories you’re sure to find something suitable for your project.

You can find free icons for business, offices, people, food, sport, social media, etc., to use for mobile app and game development.

4. Iconmonstr – 4,000+ free icons in 305 collections


With Iconmonstr, you can find premium vector icon sets from a range of categories and customize them for your app or game.

If you wonder how to make an Android or iOS app this is a great site for royalty-free icons. All the icons have the same license.

You’re free to use them commercially and customize them any way you like. You can search for the icon you want or else browse the 12 categories.

5. Icondeposit – 120+ Free Icon Sets

120+ Free Icon Sets from icondeposit

If you look for a huge collection of free icons for Android and iPhone apps, visit icondeposit.

This site hosts user-generated icons and has a great blog and tutorial section to help you make your own.

All vector icons are free to download but it requires to signup or “Pay with a tweet” for most downloads.

Licenses vary but there are a lot of royalty-free icons hosted here too. Be sure to check the license when downloading to make sure you’re getting what you want.

6.  Graphicburger – 350 free Android icons   

Graphicburger offers a free pack of icons for Android. You can find 350 Android icons divided into categories. Example categories: Basic, Buzz, Christmas, Objects, Social Networks, Measurement Units, Maps, Music, Weather.

Icons come with the editable format of AI, EPS, PSD (vector shapes), SVG, and PNG. The sizes of the icons vary from 24x24px to 512x512px. You can edit and customize the size and color if needed.

Graphicburger - 350 free Android icons

7. Freeiconsweb – 1,600+ free premium icons

Freeiconsweb offers 1,600+ free premium icons offers over 1600 free vector icon sets for mobile applications.

You can find any kind of application icons (game, mobile, Web) from the homepage. A nice feature of this site is filtering the icon sets by color.

A lot of the content on this site is user-generated and is searchable by category.

8. Linea – 730+ free mobile app icons

730+ free mobile app icons from Linea

The Linea offers a collection of icon sets that counts over 730 flat icons.

You can find the mobile app and gaming icons in many categories like basic, software, shopping, e-commerce, arrows, weather, etc.

You can download all these royalty-free icons in one go or else you can select the ones you’d like.

The license of Linea’s icons varies from most of the other sites on the list. You must give credit for using these icons and also include notes if you alter them in any way.

9. Sketchactive

Sketchactive - Daily Life icons for Mobile app, Web, and Game

Sketchactive hosts a great collection of premium royalty free fonts called SketchActive that would look great in any app or game.

With over 360 icons in a variety of categories, you’re sure to find something useful for your Android or iOS application. No attribution is required and the collection is completely free to download.

10. App-bits – 70 royalty-free mobile app and Web icons

70 royalty-free mobile app and Web icons from App-bits

App-bits is a mobile app and UI design site and they offer a collection of 70 mobile app icons free to download.

Although these royalty-free icons are available to anyone, you’re not allowed to edit them.

Attribution is required under the Creative Commons Attribution-No-Derivs 3.0 Unported License.

11. Useiconic – An open-source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, Webfont and raster formats

Useiconic - An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, Webfont and raster formats

The Open Iconic icon set is a collection of 223 free vector icons for Android and iOS applications.

These free mobile app icons are completely open-source and take advantage of small file sizes.  

They pride themselves on hyper legibility and claim to be legible down to 8 pixels.

This download pack is also available in many formats, so take a look and see if there’s something there for you.

12. Iconsweets – 60 free vector Photoshop icons for iPhone & Ipad apps

Iconsweets - 60 free vector Photoshop icons for iPhone and Ipad apps

Iconsweets is one of the smallest collections of royalty free icons on this list but it’s full of premium icon sets for iPhone and iPad apps.

You’re also free to download and customize them as you please for apps and games. With only 60 icons included, you’ll know right away if it has what you’re looking for.

These icons are simple in design but they’d look perfect on any mobile device.

13. Glyphish – 50 free premium Android and iOS app icons

Glyphish - All the icons your app needs

The icon set from Glyphish offers a collection of 50 free premium Android and iOS app icons. Ready for you to download.

They actually specialize in paid icons and several large corporations such as Google and NASA use them, so you know they’re high quality.

The 50 royalty-free icons that they offer are free to customize and are of similar quality to their paid icons.

3 Tools Where You can Make Custom Mobile App Icons

Do you have trouble creating an app icon for your Android or iOS app? You can create your own custom app icon with any of these 3 tools.

Makeappicon – turn your image into an icon for Android or iOS app

Makeappicon - turn your image into an icon for Android or iOS app

This webtool is perfect for making your own royalty-free icons. You can design the icon as an image with an image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP and then upload it to Makeappicon. then turns your image into an icon for Android or iOS app. You can then send the final icon to your Email address.


Appicontemplate free icon maker for Mobile app, Web, and Game

Appicontemplate is a must-visit if you intend on making your own app or game icon. This site will provide you with templates, tutorials and general info for designing great looking icons. This site is run by Michael Flarup, a Danish designer that wants to help anyone that needs to make a mobile app or game icon.



Free-icon-editor offers a free desktop solution called Junior Icon Editor to create your own custom icons for your mobile app or game. Junior Icon Editor is easy to use if you have experience with image editing software. It could be a fast way for you to get the exact icon you want.

Start Designing Your Mobile App

We hope you find these free icon sets and tools useful and find the right royalty-free icons for your app or game development.

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