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    test opty

    Hi all,

    I’ve downloaded and run this cool project, thanks to you all.
    I want to have a little bit modification to the project and for that I’ve got a question.
    The modification is that: 1) There is only one user which logs in an account set on Firebase beforehand and adds data to the database.
    This user, (X user), can both read and write data, since they’ve logged in and are valid in this regard.
    2) There’s also an option for those users who just want to read data with no allowed ability to modify, remove or add new data, (Y users).
    Such users read the data by clicking on a button on the application.
    The problem for the time being is that, the users Y can’t read the data the user X has already put on the database.

    How to gain that goal please?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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