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If you already installed Qt 5 on your system, install Felgo in parallel using our installer, to solve Qt and Qt Creator version compatibility issues. The Felgo and Qt installation will work side-by-side in two different directories.

We have collected the best resources for you to get started. This includes:

Installation tips and tutorials

Tutorials for your first Felgo application

Tutorials and examples of different use-cases for your applications

Info for Business evaluation customers

FAQs about licensing and development

Get Started with Felgo

The Felgo Cloud IDE allows you to work on Qt and Felgo projects in the browser. You can use it to:

Try out Felgo without any SDK installation

Work on your projects from anywhere

Connect and run on your mobile devices

Collaborate on your projects or prototypes

Your Cloud IDE projects can also be built and deployed using Felgo Cloud Builds, everything right from your browser!

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