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Embedded Development
with Qt & Felgo


Build high-performance applications
for a wide range of embedded devices

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Why use Felgo for Embedded Development?

  • Rapid UI creation
  • Develop cross-platform
  • Native performance
  • QML Hot Reload
  • Cloud Builds CI/CD
  • Trainings & Development Services

A Wide Range of Supported Systems

Felgo runs on many platforms and operating systems. As long as your platform can run Qt, you can also take advantage of Felgo.

Supported devices

  • i.MX6 (Freescale, NXP)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Toradex
  • and more...

Supported operating systems

  • Embedded Linux
  • QNX
  • VxWorks
  • and more...

QML Hot Reload for Embedded

The Hot Reload solution shipped with the Felgo SDK allows you to change your QML & JavaScript source code and view the results in real-time. It applies QML, JavaScript, and asset changes instantly on every connected device.

Thanks to Hot Reload you can...

  • Cut long compilation and deployment times.
  • Test all devices at once, without losing the current state.
  • Create modern user experiences in record time.
  • Debug log output from connected devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, i.MX6)

Felgo Cloud Builds and Over-The-Air Updates

Let your applications build in the cloud without the need for a local toolchain and sysroot installation.
  • Build your project for different platforms at once
  • Publish or update deployed applications remotely
  • No installation of local toolchains or sysroots required
  • Available as a hosted or enterprise-ready, on-premise solution

Felgo SDK for Cutting Edge User Interfaces

The Felgo SDK comes with many useful features to develop stunning user experiences for your embedded applications.

Pre-made UI Components

The Felgo SDK contains many ready-to-use controls which do not exist in the standard Qt framework.

Screen Size Independence

You don’t need to worry about different screen sizes of your embedded devices. The Felgo components allow you to handle different resolutions and densities with ease.

Animations, Charts, and 3D

With powerful and smooth animations, 3D support, or beautiful charts, you can bring your UI to another level.

Felgo Embedded Development Services

Felgo is an official Technology Partner of The Qt Company.


We are the Qt experts for cross-platform solutions on iOS, Android, Desktop, and Embedded.

Our developers have extensive knowledge and experience in embedded development with Qt.

Find out more about Qt Training and Consulting for Embedded:


Rapid Prototyping & Hardware Scaling with DevKits

In close partnership with Ginzinger Electronics, Felgo offers Development Kits for a head start with embedded Linux development based on GELIN (Ginzinger Embedded Linux).

DevKits come fully configured with:

  • Hardware
  • Drivers
  • Toolchains
  • Optimized operating system
  • A full development environment
  • Felgo provided components
  • Overall image size starts at just 50MB

This allows scaling both software requirements and hardware, from prototyping to production-ready appliances.


Automotive Industry Expertise

Due to the limited hardware capabilities there’s a lot to consider when developing for embedded systems. Especially big applications such as modern automotive HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) tend to reach such hardware limits quite fast.

With tooling additions like QML Hot Reload and a vast development experience in the field, the Felgo team can build modern user experiences for your embedded application in record time. Our experts are fast to integrate in your development workflow, and build customized solutions that are spot-on.

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