Embedded Development with Qt & Felgo

Create high performance embedded systems & companion apps

QML Hot Reload for Embedded

Hot Reload with Felgo Live allows you to change your QML & JavaScript source code and view the result in realtime. It applies QML, JavaScript and asset changes instantly on every connected device, immediately after saving. This reduces the long waiting times for build and deployment steps to only a couple of seconds.


Felgo Live reloads your project on every connected embedded device, within seconds after code changes and without building and deploying every time from scratch.

  • Cut long compilation and deployment times: skip building and deploying projects with a reload.
  • Test all devices at once, without loosing the current state: connect & update as many devices as you want, simultaneously.
  • No setup: connect your devices and download & install Felgo Live for your target - done.
  • No native toolchains required: install native toolchains and sysroots? No need anymore!
  • Debug log output: View debug logs from any connected device (e.g. Raspberry Pi, i.MX6, etc.) on the live Server. Debug issues on different platforms even easier now.
  • Your Source Code is Safe: Felgo Live uses your private local network. Project files are transferred directly from the server to the clients (they ever leave the local network).

More of the Best Tooling on Market

Felgo comes with more unique development tools to increase your productivity:

Average time spendings within tooling:


Felgo Cloud Build

Let your applications build in the cloud without the need for local toolchain and sysroot installation. Felgo Cloud Build enables you to automate the entire flow from source code to your end users and in mobile app stores.


  • No installation of local toolchains or sysroots required
  • Automatically deploy and distribute software projects to devices, containers or app stores
  • Available as hosted or enterprise-ready, on-premise solution


Qt Creator


Felgo includes a professional & full-featured IDE, extending the well known Qt Creator.

It allows writing code with code-completion, side-by-side with the visual, drag-and-drop UI Designer, debugging, running tests, browsing help and version control, all in one place.

Companion Apps & Second Screen Apps

With Felgo you create companion mobile apps to enhance the viewing experience of your embedded appliance.

With less code & much faster development time.

For companion apps, Felgo provides the following market-leading features:

  • Reuse code components from your embedded target for mobile app development
  • Create native iOS and Android apps with platform-specific look & feel
  • Integrate Analytics, push notifications, in-app purchases and Backend Services (SaaS/BaaS)
  • Leverage existing knowledge of your embedded developers to create mobile apps with Felgo

Analytics, Push Notifications & Telemetry

Getting to know how your products are in use is important in modern embedded application development. With Felgo, you gain powerful analytics to analyze user behavior and improve the experience and to draw product roadmap conclusions.


With telemetry you can access remote data from sensors and behavior driven actions. This allows to proactively detect upcoming disruptions or plan maintenance cycles to minimize downtimes of your products and services.


Push Notifications deliver updated information to targeted devices, user visible or even invisible in the background.

Over The Air Updates (OTA)

Many embedded systems like the Internet of Things (IoT) applications are deployed in places that are difficult to access. An OTA update with Felgo replaces the software on embedded systems with updated software.


  • Deploy application logic remotely
  • Does not require physical access to devices
  • Works via Internet, VPN and private network connections

AR, AI & Rich User Interfaces

Felgo SDK extends your embedded Qt application with advanced components:


  • Add Augmented Reality (AR) experiences
  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning & Blockchain
  • Add advanced navigational features with maps, routes and more
  • Use embedded-optimized user interface widgets for improved UI/UX

Native Cross-Platform

Felgo shares a common platform across all supported platforms:


  • Reuse your existing source code for embedded, mobile, desktop & web targets
  • All platforms run in a native manner with the best performance available
  • Make use of existing software libraries

Rapid UI Creation

Felgo offers an extensive user interface & animation framework:

Powerful Animations:

Create stunning animated UIs with as little code as it can get.


Save Time:

Creating and fine-tuning user interfaces is often one of the most time-consuming tasks – with Felgo you are able to cut this time significantly thanks to the QML language architecture and Felgo Live Code Reload.


Felgo provides ready-made UI libraries with drag-and-drop design functionality. It speeds up the creation of beautiful 3D/2D AR/VR or touch-based UIs that scale to a variety of screen sizes.



Charts are easy to integrate thanks to Charts module.

Rapid Prototyping & Hardware Scaling with DevKits

In close partnership with Ginzinger Electronics, Felgo offers Development Kits for a head start with embedded Linux development based on GELIN (Ginzinger Embedded Linux).


DevKits come fully configured with:

  • Hardware
  • Drivers
  • Toolchains
  • Optimized operating system
  • A full development environment
  • Felgo provided components
  • Overall image size starts at just 50MB

This allows to scale both, software requirements and hardware, from prototyping to production-ready appliances.


Qt Professional Services & Support

Felgo is an official Technology Partner of the Qt Company.


We are the Qt experts for cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android, Desktop, and embedded platforms.


Felgo offers tailored Qt trainings, workshops, and development based on your requirements and level of experience, so you get the most value and a customized experience instead of generic training courses.

Why Qt?

Felgo harnesses the power of Qt, the leading cross-platform development framework used by over 1,000,000 developers.


This provides you with a unique SDK with all the features to develop the next generation of applications for embedded devices.


Easy Integration with Hardware, Protocols & Sensors: Qt & Felgo provide industry standard integration for a wide range of hardware interfaces, buses and sensors with protocols like MQTT, KNX, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, CAN and more.


Native Performance & Scalability: The Qt framework and Felgo are based on native C++ and provide the most native performance achievable for your projects. Utilize your hardware resources efficiently with C++, QML and HTML5. Scale up to target high-end multi-screen systems, scale down to target small devices.


Best C++/Scripting Integration: Reduce development cost & time with intuitive APIs. Use QML & JavaScript as scripting layer on top of native C++ code and HTML5 markup to get the best possible combination of all worlds.


Professional Tooling (IDE): Felgo includes a professional & full-featured IDE to create applications with a drag-and-drop UI Designer, debugger, test runner, help browser and version control frontend, all in one place.


Certifications for Automation, Medical and Automotive Industries: Certificate your code created with Felgo for different standards and certifications. Qt fully supports your FDA, EN, ISO, IEC, IEEE and other major and emerging certification and compliance efforts. In addition, Qt has tools certified to IEC 62304:2015 up to safety class C.

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Supported Platforms & Systems

Felgo runs on multiple platforms with different operating systems:


  • i.MX6 (Freescale, NXP)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Toradex

Operating Systems:

  • Embedded Linux
  • QNX
  • VxWorks


  • ARM Cortex
  • Intel x86

Let's make something great together and join our satisfied customers:


Experience & Industries

Felgo is a development company with over 15 years of experience in building applications for companies in these industries:


  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical & Life Science
  • Automotive
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Government


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