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Our Services

Qt Consulting & Development

Our team consults you on Qt development & pro-actively supports projects so you get a head start!


Felgo provides advice & implementation work starting with a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Prototype up until Qt outsourcing for an entire project. Of course we share this knowledge with you.

Book if you:

Look for flexible Qt development: hire Qt specialists even daily, in any project phase

Can benefit from a knowledge transfer about new technology (e.g. hardware, sensors and third-party code)

Want a tech evaluation, code reviews & improvements of existing apps or port them. Incl. best practices & bug fixes

Qt for iOS & Android

Being one of the first on the market offering Qt development for iOS & Android, Felgo is a world-leading provider for Qt on mobile platforms.


Felgo is one of the few service providers that solve mobile-specific challenges like native look & feel or integration of platform-native code & third-party services.

Book if you:

Focus on user experience, native look & feel & best practices on mobile platforms

Want to integrate in-house C++ or native libraries to Qt projects on a mobile project architecture

Look for help to migrate existing native apps to a cross-platform Qt & Felgo app or enhance them with Qt features

Need to use Xcode and Android Studio with Qt

Service Packages Special Offers

Felgo Service Packages give you access to our expert professional services for several predefined use cases. If you have other requirements or questions, feel free to contact us. Availability and multiple purchases of those special offers may be limited, select your desired package and reach out to us for more info.

Startup License Exclusive

5h Technical Support & Training

Jump-start your development with this support package, exclusively available for Felgo Startup License owners.

  • 5 hours of dedicated technical support
  • Help from senior Felgo developers for anything related to your project
  • Private Slack support channel
  • Screen-sharing sessions
€ 499

Planning Workshop

Avoid mistakes in the very early stages of your project. This workshop will help you to plan new projects or improve your existing planning.

  • Gathering and structuring of requirements
  • Technical evaluation of your requirements
  • Agile project planning, milestone definition
  • Proof of concept definition
  • Resource planning
€ 719

Application Analysis

Review of your existing application, to optimize performance, code structure and the general user experience.

  • Review application architecture and code structure
  • Existing Qt code review
  • Suggestions on code optimizations
  • Review of the QML structure
  • Application health check
  • Performance & stability improvments
  • General user experience & app design
€ 1439

End-User Analytics

Learn how to understand the behavior of your users, to detect potential issues of your application early. This helps you to significantly increase user satisfaction and retention.

  • Help you understand how users use your application
  • How to integrate your product / application with analytics service?
  • One-on-one workshop with our experts concretely focusing on your project
  • Show what to track, what can be done with the data, how can you optimize your app based on this information
€ 719

Why Felgo

As the only company in Europe and America, Felgo is a Qt Service & Technology Partner, focusing on Qt product development and extending Qt to new areas.

Felgo is a team of more than 20 people, working with Qt for more than 15 years.

As the creator of the Felgo SDK, we bring a complete view for product development and product team needs. Compared to consulting companies, we think value-based, not in time units or sales cycles.


Back in 2012 and long before the Qt 5 release, Felgo (former V-Play) was the first company that brought production-ready Qt app development to iOS and Android. For that, we combined an own OpenGL renderer with Qt 4.8 and launched the well-known Felgo SDK (former V-Play Engine) for mobile apps and games.

Today, Felgo gained profound knowledge in many fields of application and is thriving to solve new challenges with its partners and customers.

Felgo holds courses on programming for several Austrian universities, including the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Felgo also actively works on scientific research programs with Vienna University of Technology and Johannes Kepler University Linz.

What our Customers Say


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

Killisperger GmbH

"We use Felgo because of the integrated plugins, the live code reloading and the nice looking native components. It just saves so much time & makes my life easy!"


"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

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