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Free Business EvaluationEvaluate all Felgo SDK and tooling features completely free, with personal support!

Felgo is a native cross-platform application development SDK, based on the Qt framework. With Felgo, you can create modern, flexible & beautiful apps, compiled natively from a single code-base. Felgo also offers a wide range of professional services like development, consulting and trainings.

You want to find out if Felgo is a good fit for your company? We understand that committing to a new technology or looking for a new service partner can be challenging. This is why you can evaluate Felgo for free for up to 30 days, so you can quickly find out if Felgo can help you with your requirements.

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Felgo SDK, Plugins & Tooling

Test all Felgo SDK features, plugins and tooling without any limitation.

Onboarding Call

Talk to us directly, so we can learn more about your requirements and provide you with the best resources to get started.

Included Personal Support

Up to 5h of included professional services. We can help you to create a prototype, closer evaluate solutions for your requirements, and much more.

Private Slack Channel

Eliminate long waiting times during your evaluation, with a private Slack channel and connect directly with our experts.

Prepare For SuccessFelgo SDK Business License Benefits

Take your application development to the next level with the Felgo SDK, tooling and services. Felgo provides your team with everything they need to deliver excellent cross-platform apps in record time.

With the Business license, you get access to top-level support and exclusive features. We stay in close touch with our Business customers, to determine which new features are needed the most, in order to prioritize them higher on our roadmap.

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Professional Support

Get timely help when you need it the most! Felgo experts help you within guaranteed response times. Support is available via Email, Phone, private Slack channel or screen sharing.

Included Tech-Support

Let us help you find tailored solutions for your requirements. We will help you with technical support and training when you're writing new code, or even review your existing code.

Discounted Service Rates

You require additional trainings, services or have a feature request? Business customers get discounted rates for additional Felgo services.

Native Plugins

Add additional 3rd-party services like analytics, cloud services and more. Business customers have access to all Felgo Plugins.

Cloud Builds CI/CD

Fully automate your test and release cycle with continuous integration and delivery. Let us take care of maintaining a stable build environment.

Exclusive Access

Get exclusive early access to new features or custom builds.

Your Service PartnerDevelopment, Consulting & Training Services

Felgo is an official Qt Service Partner, specialized in fast and high-quality mobile, desktop, embedded and web app development with 10+ years of experience. We helped our customers to bring their vision to life and deliver successful apps for many industries, including automotive, entertainment and telecommunication.



Application development services for Android, iOS, Desktop, Web, Embedded. We help you to bring your vision to life!


Cut your risks and accelerate your development process. We help you to deliver your product to customers!

Training & Workshops

Qt trainings & tailored Qt workshops based on your requirements and individual level of experience.

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Reach out to us for more info about our business offering, or if you have any other questions! Schedule time with one of our experts, to find out how Felgo can help you.

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What our Customers Say


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

Noir Lumière

"We chose Felgo because of its high level of Qt expertise. Their professional services team helped us to introduce new features and solve problems fast and efficiently."


"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

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