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Migrate to Qt 6

The next generation of Qt is here, make sure you’re prepared for the future.
Felgo helps you with every step of the migration process!


Do you have any questions about Qt 6? Are you not sure if you should migrate your project to it already? Do you have a general question about migrating to Qt 5/6? Do you need help with your existing Qt project?
Just contact us and our experts will help you out!

Challenges of a Migration to Qt 6

Porting your application to Qt 6 comes with major challenges. We help you to figure out how to tackle them, and to find out if Qt 6 is ready for your requirements.

Update Build System to CMake

Qt recommends using CMake beginning with Qt 6 and will stop further development of qmake in the future. While qmake will still be around, it may be a good time to switch to CMake and its modern build system features. We help to switch from qmake to CMake.

Missing Qt 6 Modules

The initial release of Qt 6 is missing a number of Qt modules that your application may depend on. For such modules there are a number of options: Skip them if not essential, find a proper replacement, or manually port them to Qt 6. We already know the best way forward for your use case.

Qt 6 API Changes

Numerous APIs, both C++ & QML, have been refactored, which results in a variety of changes that will need to be applied to your existing codebase. There are many common pitfalls that can be avoided, to speed up this migration process.

C++17 Language Features

The newer C++ standard opens up a lot of room for improvements to both your code architecture and performance. Making effective use of those features is a worthy investment.

Prepare for Qt 6: Migration to Qt 5.15

In case porting to Qt 6 is not yet possible, porting to Qt 5.15 is the recommended way for your migration strategy. This saves you a lot of time for the actual migration as soon as Qt 6.1 or Qt 6.2 is released. 

A migration to Qt 5.15 will put you in pole position for upcoming Qt 6 releases.

Migration Services by FelgoMigration, Modernization, Optimization

  • In-depth analysis of your application and dependencies
  • Evaluation of the porting effort and strategy to maximize cost-efficiency
  • Migrating your codebase to Qt 5.15 or Qt 6
  • Refactoring and optimizing application code, performance, and architecture
  • UI/UX improvements to meet modern standards
  • Transitioning from a widget based UI to modern QML
  • Handover and training sessions to make the most of modernized codebase

Migration Options

There are many factors to consider when planning a migration of your project. We help you to find the best way forward. This allows you to prepare for the future, without sacrificing your present economic goals.

Gradual Migration

Port existing code gradually, using framework integrations. Only essential parts of the application are migrated to Qt, while some parts remain as legacy framework code. This can significantly reduce the initial porting effort and minimizes the operational risk.

Full Migration

Port all existing code and dependencies to Qt. This can also include major refactoring and modernizing of the application architecture.

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