Do you uselikelove Qt?

We do too! Felgo extends Qt for mobile App development.

How does Felgo improve Qt for mobile app development?

Native Look & Feel
Native UI for iOS and Android
Ads, In-App Purchases
User Behavior, Crash Reports
Push Notifications
Local and Remote
Social Engagement
Facebook, Native Sharing
Highscores & Achievements, Friend System, Chat
Web Backend
Cross-Platform Data Storage and Data Syncing

Mobile Plugins

With Felgo, you can use many 3rd party services from QML or QtWidget.

All of these plugins work cross-platform, which allows you to maintain a single code base.

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtQuick.Controls 2.0
import Felgo 3.0

ApplicationWindow {

  OneSignal {
    appId: "<ONESIGNAL-APP-ID>"
    onNotificationReceived: {
      console.debug("Received push: ", message)

Push Notification QML Example

Engage your Users

Server-triggered Push Notifications with OneSignal or Google Cloud Messaging (Firebase). Local Push Notifications included.

Monetize your Apps

Ads with Google AdMob, Chartboost and Appodeal with all kind of ad formats. Use interstitials, banner ads and rewarded videos, to earn money with your app.

Offer Paid Content

In-App Purchases to monetize your app.

Gain Insights

Google Analytics and Flurry to measure your app’s performance.

Better Safe than Sorry

HockeyApp for cross-platform beta distribution, crash reporting and testing.

Grow your Audience

Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp sharing and social login.

Native iOS Style

Qt Quick Controls 2 support Google Material style which looks great on Android, but there is no native UI & UX on iOS. Felgo adds a native iOS style for all controls and dialogs. Thus your Qt app will look native on iOS too, with just a single code base!

Native Navigation

The navigation paradigms on iOS and Android are different. On iOS you have a swipe-back gesture to navigate back in a navigation stack. On Android you usually use a navigation drawer that slides in from the left side. Felgo Apps abstracts these navigation differences and allows you to use just a single Navigation component, that works cross-platform.

Responsive Design

Did you optimize your app for smartphone AND tablet already? This can be a tricky challenge, because with wider screens you can show more information in your app and make the user experience even better. If you optimize for smartphone only, you’re reducing your potential for success.

With Felgo, you don’t need to change your existing code but can use the same source code for phones & tablets. You get a “tablet view” with a navigation page on the left and the actual content page on the right automatically when the screen gets bigger.

Advanced Mobile Components

When making a great cross-platform app, focusing on the details is important. One example is the ListView, which looks and behaves differently on iOS and Android. With Felgo, you get native lists with pull-to-refresh gesture, swipeable list items and scroll indicators in a cross-platform manner.

There are many more features in Felgo that speed up your cross-platform app creation.

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Simulate Platform at Runtime

Speed up your development and testing time with the live platform simulation feature by Felgo: Simulate any platform and change it at runtime on your PC!

The native components and navigation automatically change their style to the new platform. This allows you to rapidly test how your app looks like on iOS and Android on your Desktop PC. The start time of your app goes from 1-2 minutes, down to just a few seconds!

Mix & Match with Existing Qt Code!

Do you have an existing Qt app? An app based on Qt Widget or Qt Quick? Do you already use Qt Quick Controls 1 or 2 in your app?

No problem!

You can use all Felgo components together with your existing code base. And only use the components that bring the biggest value to your project.

Save time, code & money by using Felgo!

Use Felgo to speed up development time of your Qt project!

App Type

Felgo Lines of Code

Qt Lines of Code

Qt World Summit Conference App

1,900 QML

10 C++

1,910 total


92% less source code!

7,200 QML

16,000 C++

23,200 Total


Property Cross

450 QML

10 C++

460 total


80% less source code!

820 QML

1,470 C++

2,290 total


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