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Cloud IDE: Develop QML Apps in Your Browser

Code, collaborate and manage your project with the Felgo Cloud IDE. It is like Qt Creator - but in your browser!

Felgo Cloud Builds

CI/CD for Qt with Felgo Cloud Builds

Tune in to see how to compile and distribute apps for iOS, Android, Desktop and Embedded with minimum effort and maximum speed.

kick-start your development with Felgo

Kick-start your App Development: How-to in 2020

Learn how to get started with Felgo and see how a real application is built in real-time.


QML Hot Reload: the real-time revolution

Tune in to our webinar about QML Hot Reload. We show all the ins and outs of the hottest new feature in app development.


1% Code, 100% App

10% Code, 100% App

Find out how easy it is to rule Qt with QML & JS. This can save you up to 90% of code when you are creating cross-platform apps.