Add Leading Third-Party Services to Your Apps and Games

Integrate services for ads, analytics and more. Felgo Plugins offer a convenient way to fast-forward app and game development.

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Time to market

No need to re-invent the wheel. Integrate third party services and platform-specific functionality into your Qt 5 apps & games.

Felgo plugins save you weeks in comparison with in-house development, both during implementation and later on for maintaining and updating third-party libraries.

The Qt-way of coding

Integrate Felgo Plugins right within your existing QML or C++ code without the hassle of dealing with platform-specific source files or libraries.

Posting a status update to Facebook or displaying an ad banner is as easy as adding a rectangle item to your code.

Native cross-platform

Felgo Plugins use native, platform-specific functionality, meaning that your app seamlessly integrates with existing platform experiences.

Felgo Plugins incorporate platform-specific human interface guidelines and follow best-practices down to the detail.

Available Plugins

All plugins are available with a Felgo license. If you want to use a plugin for your standalone Qt 5 app, contact us.

Monetize Effectively

More than 80% of all app revenue comes from advertising & in-app purchases, two features which are fully supported with Felgo Plugins.

Backend as a Service

Connect with these server backends in the cloud. Simple to integrate. Hosted securely and to scale. No setup time.

Get Insights

Improving an app is difficult without having insights into your users behavior. Integrate one of the analytics plugins to learn more about your users and let you help decide which feature will make it into the next release.

Engage your Users

One of the toughest challenges as of todays app environment is to keep your users within your app. Connect your users across the world and give them the incentive to compete against each other.

Socialize and Promote

Let your users do the marketing for you by sharing their success and inviting new users.

Request more Plugins

If you are looking for any 3rd party service that is not on this list, let us know!

Blog plugins

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iOS 13: Update to the latest Felgo OneSignal Push Plugin

Apple releases iOS 13 on September 19th. If you use Felgo with the OneSignal Push Plugin for iOS and already updated Xcode to use the latest iOS 13 SDK features, you also need to update Felgo and the OneSignal Framework. What changed with iOS 13 and OneSignal Plugin? This update is required because iOS 13 introduces a new behavior on …

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Release 3.1.0: New Felgo Plugins Version, Unified App Configuration and FlickablePage

Felgo 3.1.0 introduces a new¬†Felgo Plugins¬†version and simplifies maintenance with a unified app configuration for Desktop, iOS and Android. The update also adds the new FlickablePage type to the Felgo SDK. New Version 3 for Felgo Plugins Along with a full website rebranding and facelift, the previous SDK release 3.0.0 also introduced the new Felgo module for Felgo apps, games …

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V-Play is Now Felgo – New Release & Roadmap

Today marks a big milestone: V-Play is now called Felgo and got a new facelift. In this article you will learn: Why we did the rebranding from V-Play to Felgo Why this will benefit you What the Felgo roadmap looks like How to update to the latest Felgo release Reasons for Rebranding V-Play to Felgo The first official version of …

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