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    I’ve been using Amplitude in my app for some time.

    I need to build an update and when I try to use the plugin, it crashes instantly, without much explanations :

    Felgo [INFO]: Starting in "test" stage. Note: When you are ready to publish your app to the app stores, switch to Release mode and to "publish" stage in the config.json file located in the qml folder. For more information see: https://felgo.com/
    libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException
    program received signal 6, thread:8ecea;00:0000000000000000;01:0000000000000000;02:0000000000000000;...


    The crash only occurs on iOS, working fine on Android.


    Do you have some explanation ?



    Felgo Team

    Hi Allan,

    The crash doesn’t give much information about the issue.
    Does it crash directly at startup, or is everything fine until you log an event later?

    In case you already use plugin directly at startup, you can try to put the code into the pluginLoaded signal:

    Amplitude {
       onPluginLoaded: {
          // use the plugin

    It is possible that the plugin hasn’t fully initialzed yet if you e.g. work with it in a “Component.onCompleted” handler.






    Thanks for the tip, but it seems to be another case…

    This line is the culprit of the crash :

    amplitude.userProperties.last_device_connected = settings.getValue("paired")


    It’s done in the App Component.onCompleted


    Here some more code :

    let paired = settings.getValue("paired")
    if(paired === undefined) {
        settings.setValue("paired", [{}, {}, {}])
        amplitude.userProperties.device_amount = 0
    } else {
        amplitude.userProperties.device_amount = nombreObjetsRemplis(paired)
        amplitude.userProperties.last_device_connected = settings.getValue("paired")


    I don’t really expect an answer on this one, for me it’s closed, I will fix this on my own.

    But if you have an idea of a potential limitation or something, feel free to give me more information 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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