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    My app builds and run on my desktop perfectly.

    I uploaded the .zip file with all of the contents inside the qml folder.

    However, the result was the Android Build failed.

    Surprisingly the iOS build did not fail even though I haven’t submitted a UDID.


    I use numerous .wav files with filenames that are non-ASCII.

    e.g. ཀ.wav ; ཀྲ.wav ; ཁོ.wav


    Is this the cause of the build failing?

    This is how I programmed it in iOS.

    I just used the actual Tibetan characters as filenames in the .wav files and it works ok in Xcode and iOS.

    I hope this can be handled in Android through Felgo.


    Thank you.




    Felgo Team

    Hi bliss,

    I just did a quick check and it turns out filenames on Android can only contain ASCII characters, as all resources will be stored in the assets directory. (Explained a bit here.)

    Maybe you could use the unicode identifier as filename instead of the actual character?

    For example, unicode character ‘ཀ’ has decimal value 3904 (I used http://unicodelookup.com/ to find that out). So your file code be named 3904.wav.

    I think this would be a reasonable workaround.

    Hope this helps,




    I see…that’s too bad…I have 414 of these files…

    I’ll try to get a python script to get this done.

    Thank you very much.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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