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    My app builds and run on my desktop perfectly.

    I uploaded the .zip file with all of the contents inside the qml folder.

    However, the result was the Android Build failed.

    Surprisingly the iOS build did not fail even though I haven’t submitted a UDID.


    I use numerous .wav files with filenames that are non-ASCII.

    e.g. ཀ.wav ; ཀྲ.wav ; ཁོ.wav


    Is this the cause of the build failing?

    This is how I programmed it in iOS.

    I just used the actual Tibetan characters as filenames in the .wav files and it works ok in Xcode and iOS.

    I hope this can be handled in Android through Felgo.


    Thank you.




    Felgo Team

    Hi bliss,

    I just did a quick check and it turns out filenames on Android can only contain ASCII characters, as all resources will be stored in the assets directory. (Explained a bit here.)

    Maybe you could use the unicode identifier as filename instead of the actual character?

    For example, unicode character ‘ཀ’ has decimal value 3904 (I used to find that out). So your file code be named 3904.wav.

    I think this would be a reasonable workaround.

    Hope this helps,




    I see…that’s too bad…I have 414 of these files…

    I’ll try to get a python script to get this done.

    Thank you very much.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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