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    I noticed when installing test android APKs, the installer indicates permission for ‘network communication – full network access’ when I’m not explictly doing that in the app. A tester has come to me to ask about it indicating if a game does not use internet, and the installer reports that it does, it might turn off some users. I think it’s a valid point. If an app is not using network features, is this something that can be disabled in the manifest?

    I thought this situation might be restricted to test builds, but I think it’s not possible to access the manifest in publish builds either (in order to disable) is that right?

    Cheers, Michael.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Michael,

    at the moment permissions are dynamically set for used plugins (e.g. the store plugin uses permissions to talk with Google Play), the engine core itself however has the minimum requirements of network access, network state and write to external storage, as Build Server currently does not know if you’re using XMLHttpRequest within your code or not or if you’re using the file utility methods (as an example).

    If this might be a problem for you or your testers we can however add another config property for config.json, which then overrides the default permissions, does this meet your requirements?





    Hi Alex

    Thanks. I can understand the generic setting of the network access. I suspected as much.

    Personally I think your suggestion is a good idea.

    Cheers, Michael.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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