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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › app.tablet fails on some devices


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    in the documentation i found

    <div class=”qmlproto”>
    <div class=”table”>
    <table class=”qmlname”>
    <tr id=”tablet-prop” class=”odd” valign=”top”>
    <td class=”tblQmlPropNode”>[read-only] tablet : bool</td>
    <div class=”qmldoc”>

    This read-only property gets true if the screen’s diameter is bigger than 6.7 inches.


    But on a Samsung A8 5,6″ app.tablet is true.

    How this property works?


    Thank you.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Carmelo,

    The app determines the diameter of the application and translates the pixel value to the physical screen size based on factors like screen density. The calculated screen size versus real physical size of the device can be slightly off, but the Samsung A8 5.6” should fall into the phone category with less than 6.7 inch calculated diameter.

    Thanks for reporting the issue – we’ll have a closer why the calculation/detection fails in this case!




    Felgo Team

    Side question:

    Are you testing with a simple, minimum Felgo App or do you already have some more components / code involved?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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