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OverviewFelgo 3 Support (Qt 5) › AppTabBar not working on iOS anymore….

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    it seems 2.10.0 broke the AppTabBar on iOS ?

    Using the example you gave in the doc, I get this error message:

    Type AppTabBar unavailable

    qrc:///qml/VPlayApps/controls/quick2/AppTabBar.qml:3 module “QtQuick.Controls.Material” plugin “qtquickcontrols2materialstyleplugin” not found


    Here the small code:


    import Felgo 3.0
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.0 as QuickControls2
    import QtQuick 2.5
    App {
        Page {
            title: "Tabs"
            // tabs
            AppTabBar {
                id: appTabBar
                contentContainer: swipeView
                AppTabButton {
                    text: "Red"
                AppTabButton {
                    text: "Green"
            // tab contents
            QuickControls2.SwipeView {
                id: swipeView
                anchors.top: appTabBar.bottom
                anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
                width: parent.width
                clip: true
                Rectangle {
                    color: "Red"
                Rectangle {
                    color: "Green"
        } // Page


    Any hints to solve this out ?


    Thanks a lot for your help


    Best Regards.




    Felgo Team

    Hi Francois!

    Thanks for reporting the issue – we will try to add a fix with the next update.

    You can solve the problem manually with an additional import for the Material style module:

    import QtQuick.Controls.Material 2.1

    The import-scanner should then correctly add and link the qtquickcontrols2materialstyleplugin to your application.




    Hello Günther,

    Thanks for your help.

    It’s working again in my code.

    Best Regards.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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