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    Hi all


    This is my first post here, so if I do anything wrong, please tell me straight away! Alright, so here’s the little issue I’m dealing with.

    I was playing around with the SDK a little, and decided to download the FlappyBird source to figure out how stuff is done. Now, everything compiles fine, and on Windows all sounds work when I play the game. After I compiled for Android with the Felgo Build Server, I hear no sounds at all when playing the app on my phone. I also notice some pictures missing. (Note, that I made my own sounds and pictures. However, on Windows they work perfectly fine when testing within Qt-Creator)

    Is there anything I should change, before compiling for Android, or is there something else I should do?


    Also, I am using the trial plan at the moment, as the things I’m doing now are just for me to learn, but I’ve reached my 2 server builds limit. Is there any way I can compile for Android using my own computer? I tried some things I found on the Internet, but I get errors about Felgo SDK not being found and stuff like that.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Felgo Team


    welcome to the Felgo community! 🙂

    Let’s dive into your problems:

    1.) Missing images

    The original Flappy Bird images are only low-resolution (called “sd” or “single definition” in Felgo). This is why we set the following in FlappyBirdMain.qml:

    contentScalingFileSuffixes: {
          "-sd": { "scaleThreshold": 1, "internalContentScaleFactor": 1 },
          // the original Flappy Bird graphics are only sd, so we scale them up on higher-res devices
          // for your game, design graphics for the highst resolution
          //"-hd": { "scaleThreshold": 2, "internalContentScaleFactor": 2 },
          //"-hd2": { "scaleThreshold": 2.5, "internalContentScaleFactor": 4}

    Did you also set this?

    If you did not set it, you need to provide an -sd, -hd and -hd2 version of your sprite sheets like in the Flappy Bird example..


    2.) Build Limit

    In the trial, you do not have a build limit but can build as often as you like. Where did you see there is a limit of 2 builds?

    Cheers, Chris



    Thanks for the response! I thought that there was a limit because my browser didn’t open up that window, but like always, my browser was being annoying. I found out later about the builds, and kept on trying. The image problem has been fixed now, but on Android I still didn’t manage to get the sounds working. Anything that I might have missed there?


    Thanks for the help so far!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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