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    I am using BackGroundMusic for my game music but when I mute the game using backgroundMusic.stop() then lock the device or going to mobile background then open the game  then the results is: the music play automatically!!

    thats strange!!!!!!


    Please, can you advice in this?





    Felgo Team


    yeah you are right, currently the BackgroundMusic component is designed to loop nonstop unless it is disabled with settings.musicEnabled = false or the volume is set to 0 (this doesn’t work on windows at the moment but will be added with the next daily build).

    We will add some more “intelligence” to the BackgroundMusic item, to save it’s current state when the device is locked or the app goes to the background, and then restore this state instead of starting it again in any case, like it’s done now. This will also be available within the next daily build.

    Do you have a specific use case where you encountered this problem?





    Solved by muting the BackgroundMusic by setting the volume to 0


    Thanks for support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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