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    Hey all,

    I have been experimenting with the GameNetwork highscores and achievements. After a week of play testing on desktop I need to reset the user highscores, achievements, etc. I have tried using the clearAllAtStartup for both the GameNetwork and WebStorage. I noticed that the local values will be removed but the highscores and achievements are not modified.

    Is the best practice still to send the GameID as an email for a manual reset of the leaderboard?

    Also, in my use case resetting the user by username or deviceId would be ideal. Additionally, I considered using a “testLeaderboard” as the active leaderboard but was not sure if the reset will clear all leaderboard or just those specified.




    Felgo Team

    Hi Derick!

    You’re right, local clearing of user-data does not affect the highscores and achievements of the VPlayGameNetwork backend.
    We recommend to use different gameIDs for the development and publish versions of your games to only have real and valid data in the live leaderboards.

    It is also possible to to change leaderboard score of a single user by using the VPlayGameNetwork::reportRelativeScore() method. This method allows to increment or decrement the stored score, which you can also use to e.g. reset the score to zero. The user will still be part of the leaderboard with this score then.

    We can also clear all scores of a game or an individual score from our backend. As this is a manual step we handle such requests carefully, depending on the actual use-case we may charge a small fee or discuss it individually for cooperations with indie or enterprise partners.

    If you need to reset your user-scores, please send a request to support@felgo.com and we’ll have a look together how to best handle it.

    Günther from Felgo



    Thank you you for the response Gunther,

    The tip related to the reportRelativeScore function will be perfect for resetting my local machine’s score.

    The name of the app right now is only for development so I will keep it as the development leaderboard.

    Apologies on the late response I am not receiving the email notifications in the forum for some reason.


    Derick Renwick


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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