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    I am now experiencing some “Application crashed without any error” issue on desktop.
    While I am working on some better context before I create a bug, would like to know is there any option to get more debug info.
    In cases where your app just stops on desktop, what can I do to get any error message?
    What would you suggest?

    PS. There are some ways to doint Qt https://forum.qt.io/topic/11752/solved-catch-application-crash-and-or-display-message but maybe anything else?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin!

    Well, I guess you already know the obvious steps. For debugging applications you should:

    • Create a Debug Build with Qt Creator
    • Set stage to “test” in qml/config.json
    • Add log outputs wherever you see fit
    • Use the Qt Creator Debugger, set Breakpoints, etc …

    Do you have a rough idea / hint which feature or part of your application might be responsible?





    Hi Günther,

    Thanks for hints, probably that is the best way to start with.

    As for where does it happen .. it’s tricky, as always with my cases, sorry 🙂
    I am working on isolating the issue, but current situation is:
    – I have some physics world
    – entities are created on timer and falling down
    – you can move the player, which is not affected by gravity, to avoid or collect entities
    – player movement is connected with moving parallax background and position of entities(both normal and physics which is not the same)

    Currently few things need to happen at once, but it happens very often because this is common situation in gameplay:
    1. I move the player- what modifies physics positions of entities colliders
    2. when entities reach the bottom of the screen(gravity) I remove then,  after 5-6 entities the app crashes on entity removal

    Only happens on desktop, Linux and MacOS verified.

    This is short recap, will open separate topic once I get more info and will be able maybe to show an example.


    Felgo Team

    I see, thanks for explaining!

    With the above methods / debugging you should also able to get some kind of stacktrace of the crash.
    This can also give hints to where the crash is coming from.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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