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    Hi All,

    I’m wondering if there’s a nice way to ‘lock’ the app or features of an app after a certain number of usages, given free vs paid purchase items via the Soomla plugin.

    The thinking is that I could simply keep a date with a counter in the settings object. Each usage incurs a +1 on the counter. Once the counter hits a limit, the app waits for the next day to then re-enable gameplay and reset the counter.

    The problem is someone can very easily just change the date on their phone to overcome this.

    Are there any better ways to lock an app’s features after a given number of usages?

    Many thanks!



    Hi Kool,
    Probably you’re considering here offline options?
    With online you can always have some kind of syncing feature which checks the date etc.

    With offline options are really limited.
    I am curious what does the local notification plugin use, does it use internal phone date to calculate when to show notification?
    Does it have its own internal clock?
    Maybe it uses something not so easy changeable by user? Not sure.

    Maybe Android or iOS have their own date/calendar Api’s which are more reliable and can be used offline.



    Hi Marcin,

    I’d not even thought of an online option. That would certainly be the best way to go.

    The only issue is that is there a reliable, online service that can provide a date in JSON format? Or will I need to roll my own?

    If it’s the former, great, but the latter might be a bit tricky. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!


    Felgo Team


    Cheers Alex, worldclockapi will definitely get me going!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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