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    i have a property in the root QML let say:

    property var g_data : ({})

    Then i have some functions that will add data to g_data and is triggered from external TCP connections
    The data contains user data that is added with a key and some object data as value like this:

    if( topqml.g_data[clientid] === undefined ) {
       topqml.g_data[clientid] = {}
       topqml.g_data[clientid]["loggedon"] = true;

    so the data gets initialised.

    and then multiple clients start to insert data during connection, so the g_data is growing.

    the g_data is also send to another client via TCP and displayed there with a frequent interval.


    my question is this a safe way of manipulating data asynchronusly, or is there a safer/better way to do this?

    Thanx in advance,







Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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