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    Hello, I don’t know why the installation is blocked at 99% about 30 minutes.My network monitor shows that the network speed is 0KB.


    Felgo Team


    can you show the details and let us know at which package the downloader is stalling?

    Cheers, Chris



    hello, how to ge the log file?


    Felgo Team


    You can start the installer from a Windows command line by navigating into the directory where the installer is saved and start it with the command

    FelgoInstaller.exe --verbose

    Please then copy the resulting log output to a text file and send it to (you can reference this forum thread).

    Many thanks for your patience,





    I tied it yesterday, I unchecked the repository from, only checked repository from, then the installation is successful.



    I forget to say that download package from is toooooo slow, average 57KB/S, I have to wait hours!!! So I unchecked the Qt5, I wanted to uncheck the Qt creator, because I have Qt creator installed.The result was that two Qt creators were installed on my computer.When I opened and ran the example project, qt creator showed that can not find VPApplication.h.


    Felgo Team


    Downloads from the Qt servers are unfortunately very slow outside of Europe true, that’s the reason why we provide a custom installer with a pre-bundled Qt version.

    Disabling the Felgo repository seems strange as you were referring to the URL which got stuck at 99% in the other thread. When opening the maintenance tool and adding the Felgo URL back, does the installation then work? I guess you had no chance to copy us some log output as stated above?

    Thanks a lot,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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