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    Felgo Team

    Hi, I just tried building Blockoban on the build server, and the build failed (

    Build Android apk for publishing (unsigned)...
    Error: Android apk not created

    Did I miss something you need to change for V-play 1.4?


    Cheers, Chrisu


    Felgo Team

    PS: iOS build seems to be working, but Android and BlackBerry build fails.

    BlackBerry Error message:

    Build BlackBerry project...
    Error: No debug token found in zip archive.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Chrisu,

    did you recently change your app’s name in the config.json? I guess it’s not an 1.4 specific problem, but a problem with the app name, as our internal logs suggest:

    res/values/strings.xml:3: error: Apostrophe not preceded by \ (in Impossibru's Blockoban)

    We’ll fix this with our next Build Server release iteration the next couple of days, in the meantime you could simply remove the apostrophe. 🙂 Thanks for the hint!

    Regarding your BB build, it seems that you were trying to make a “test build”, meaning that you must provide your own debug token in the zip package like described here under “BlackBerry debug token”.




    Felgo Team

    OK thanks the build is working again 🙂

    I had the error with the apostrophe in strings.xml in the last couple of days while programming Android, seems they just added this 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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