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    Good morning to all the community around Felgo,

    I’m not a programmer but I’me to use many tools for passion, from WordPress tools to othe cross-platform solutions without hard coding skills.

    I read this article by Felgo


    but it’s not clear which big picture or fioundation/solution is the best in the 3+1 marketplace-focused environment. I try to explain:

    I’m here because I understood BlackBerry OS was the best in class about security but due to an up and down in strategy I believe he couldn’t get enough understanding for its ideal audience, and also if it was an RTOS the foundation of its building and development was too generic instead of focusing only on what business and executives need: a platform and OS + embedded software ready to be interoperable and integrated in any device and software focused on:the 3+1 areas business people use the most time of their life/work time:

    these 3+1 areas are [Educational-Business-Security]+[All-Around-Automotive]


    After this essential premise, I’d like to ask you this:

    what RTOS guidelines and standars is necessary to write in order for the next generation devices and software to be interoperable, well integrate or freely associate as a mix of items/tools/devices/software for business people and their cars and families?

    I mean, in your opinion it is possible to build the same BlackBerry logic in order to create devices and embedded software/apps for desktop/cloud/mobile in the same way Apple did, but with a bigger alliance of OEM and more devices ready and easier to integrate in a new BlueBerry OS and embedded ecosystem ?

    I repeat, priority marketplace for business people are: Educational Systems, Business Systems, Security Systems + Automotive

    Of course in those 3+1 areas there is also the classic IR marletpèlace of Cloud/Desktop/Mobile/software, but also IoT and AI, traffic Intelligence, mapping (I’ve seen telenav.com is using FELGO), appliances like the fridges of general Electric etc, Educational Toys by Texas Instruments, Radio Security systems for police by Motorola, any sector of work/like for business people is condensed in the 3+1 areas.

    That’s why with automotive in mind I’d like to ask some developer with experience what should be the bes RTOS and embedded infrastructur or foundation to try to fund a team of developers to re-build with success what BlackBerry tried to do in the past, but this time with more focus on the 3+1 and with more OEM in IT, automotive and any other sectore inside the 2+1 focused areas.


    Pls feel free to ask me any question that allow you to support this hypothesis with the right instruments, I’m not thinking about pricing and licensing to rebuild the same BlackBerry logic and to make it to become commercially successful, but the best technnical solution as RTOS/Embedded evolution to put more OEM producer in the ecosystem (so, not like Apple) plus focusing on the mentioned 3+1 market areas for business people.

    Thanks very much for any help in understanding, we will find a co-founder anyway, but due to the fact at 99,9 % we will work with Felgo tools, I ‘d be happy to receice some instruction and addressing by some expert available here in the support community.

    Thanks again,



    P.S.: another example, my friend CPA uses an app like XERO, it doesn’t run with BlackBerry OS, but at least he wants the same continuous working experience when he catch a taxi dispatch or a riding app, possibly with screens embedded in the cars internal and not on his phone, so the car of the rider company (Uber/LIFT) has to be OS ready for that integration and security, that’s why it is a level where the security of BlackBerry was a guarantee for business people and privacy of data, but with peace-of-mind inside the ecosystem. If that cars are built as part of the Ecosystem (BlueBerry for example) biz people know they can trust that cars OEM or that Riding car company focused on Biz people only, got it ?



    Oh, I forgot to make another example, in the networking business.

    An entrepreneur catckes a UBER ride, (Black), by supposing it is good for business if more expensive, but it doesn’t.

    If the business person left voluntary his/he laptop in his office he/she need to trust a networking platform built for security and privacy of his/her intellectual property and business data also when he ride Uber.

    There are no Uber cars that offer inside laptops or integrated built-in 14″ or bigger screens where that business person can have exactly his/her laptop or PC desktop on that car courtesy screen built to be more comfortable than a laptop carried out from the office/home.

    The exclusive secure access, again, is guarantee by the BlackBerry smartphone of the passenger, integrated with the CAR OS, that should have to make very easy (with a built-in VPN) for the business person to see exactly his/her same BlackBerry OS UI he/she left at the office, now in the riding car during a business travel of 2/3 hours or more.


    if an airport, a train startion, a premium bus station, a navy cruise service, has dedicated area called BlackBerry OS ready or BlueBerry OS Ready, it means you can use your same work everywhere with 100% safety and security guaranteed by the BlackBerry RTOS and embedded software.

    It’s the same for any other product, peripherals, motherboard, console, business tool, item toy, appliance, IoT item runnung under BlackBerry OS or any other fast anmd instant built-in security technoloy and VPN.

    That’s why Texas Instruments, or BlackBerry, or Motorola/Lenovo can still produce business-only Smartphones, the age of BlackBerry isn’t ended if the focus is the one described on the previous initial post above.

    Think: a team of BlackBerry or BlueBerry RTOS/embedded software and micro-kernel developers funded by OEMs that produce amd sell new generation of laptops/desktops/smartphoness/IoT/networks/devices/routers/cars/appliances with an RTOS built for the 3+1 areas of hardware/software and services, in order to serve value creators (means: developers/entrepreneurs/CEO/bpard/executives/Presidents and Leaders in general, with a new BlackBerry OS and embedded rules driven by its ideal business customers in the 3+1 areas. What happens if a team of developers are funded for all of that and they can visit leaders like Texas Instruments, BlackBerry, Motorola, and in automotive, Mercedes-AMG, Alpine, Acura, Toyota, Hyundai (MAAATH maybe?)

    I don’t know, I’m not a developer, hope someone can reply with his/her vision about that,

    thank you,

    best regards,




    Hi evryone,

    this forum is no more responsive, so in the meantime thank to Google I’ve found the solution at my question,

    the 3+2 Areas I’ve described need just the Chip-toCloud technology applied at the 3+2 areas, simple, thank God there are already genius that was thinking at those kind of solutions, so, no problem, the 3+2 focus plus, all around automotive and skymotive is 100% possible thanks to the chip-To-Cloud developers, end of the discussion.


    Of course many other sectors can have the same advantage fro that chip to cloud guidlines, Microsoft for example already acted in this field with the X-Box, so we will probably use the X-Box as the console we will give to law enforcement about traffic intelligence PUSH updates, together with AI technology.

    Thanks Google, this forum remain useful but the value of the Google crawler is still not overtaken, at least some other arrive in a smaller niche with a smaller focus, let’s wait and see brothers and sisters of Felgo.


    Best regards,

    John Doe (aka Steven SEGAl)



    pls excuse my English, fast writing isn’t compatible with perfect writing, I’ll write slow next time to avoid spelling, grammatical and typo errors, sorry so much 🙂

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