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    <div>Hello :)</div>

    I’ve got a question: is there something similar to the QML Picture Push Example for a bluetooth connection on Android?

    I need something like this:

    Two phones (both Android) connect via bluetooth. One is server, the other client. The server contains buttons, which when pressed, send their label (or a simple string) to the client. The client just have to receive these signals. No sending back. If received, it will start an animation, but that’s the plan so far. I cannot find anything. Tryed the chat/printer/ping pong/etc examples, non of which worked 🙁 Well- I can find the other phone and press connect, but it won’t connect… cannot figure out why… really analyzed every piece of the ping pong example with many qDebugs. No matter what I do, all lines which contain “connect(…)” don’t connect to anything. If I print localAdress, localName and localPort, the values are right (Phone name, adress and port=0), but if I print peerAdress, peerName and peerPort, they are all empty or zero ( “00:00:00:00:00:00”, “”, 0)..

    Thank you very much.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Nina,

    As this is a very qt-related question, have you already looked into official qt forums to find an answer there?

    If you need any specific help on that, we are offering also support packages to guide you through the implementation. Just contact us at support@felgo.com.




    Hey Alex,


    thank you for your reply 🙂 Of course I looked in the official qt forums. Many people have the same problems with the bluetooth connection, especially with the examples, so I thought it would be nice to see, if somebody could make the examples work. I don’t need specific help on implementation issues. Only somebody, who can tell me, if that what I need works and give me maybe a hint, why the examples don’t work at all 🙂


    IF you can tell me this, I would be very happy and continue to try to implement it. Right now I just wondered if there is an overall bug probably.

    Thank you,


    Best, Nina


    Felgo Team

    Hi Nina!

    We would also need to put in some effort to test the Bluetooth features and see if we can get them to work. As Alex mentioned, we can do that with custom support packages or the included support hours of our enterprise plan.

    Our engine core does not require bluetooth usage so this feature simply depends on what Qt offers – it is definitely possible that there are still some issues from the Qt side of things. If that’s the case there’s also nothing more we can do except reporting the problem and waiting for a solution.





    Hello Günther,


    Ah, I misunderstood it then! I thought, the examples would work already and that you tested them. Now I got it. Thank you for pointing it out once more 🙂

    I will search for a solution then and let you know, if I want that custom support package.


    Best, Nina

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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