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    Felgo User

    How I can build static in VPlay ?. Please give me information, thanks you


    Felgo Team

    Felgo actually already comes as a static library, so you would only need to compile Qt statically on your own or ask for a static build if you’re a Qt license holder. There a a couple of instructions and how-tos how to build Qt statically on official documentation and wiki pages, e.g. here:

    If you want a static build to provide your QML code files:
    Protecting QML files is actually described in our publishing guide here, this is completely independent from using a static or dynamic build.




    HI all,

    Sorry for interruption but want to use the opportunity.
    Since this is in interesting topic and I am just curious how viable is this solution in real life not in theory- Günther, I have few questions:


    1. Are you aware of anybody using Felgo who manually builds Qt statically without any problems?
    2. There should be no difference to do it but there are occasional fixes which Felgo does in upstream Qt, what about that?
    3. What about telling Felgo kits to use it, probably you can’t use then Felgo kits just standard Qt?
    4. Do you think it’s good idea to create docs in Felgo which would describe the process in details, especially connecting Felgo with static builds and potential risks?

    5. Is there an option that Felgo could prepare static build for the user?


    As far as I understand you can still use open source license in this case since you don’t modify any of the Qt core libraries.


    Felgo Team

    We usually do not recommend this, as there’s really no big advantage as long as you do not require any custom changes to the stock Qt libs. We try to modify Qt as little as needed, but minor changes/patches still happen occasionally. You’ll automatically get these fixes now that we ship custom Felgo Build Kits. When combining Felgo with custom Qt installations or builds, you might miss these then.

    As we recommend to use the Felgo Kits, we do not want to promote details about custom builds on the website too much. To make sure everything works as intended or to provide support in case something doesn’t work out, we can help out in such scenarios as part of our Felgo Enterprise support offering.




    Hi Günther,
    Understand, fair enough.


    Felgo User

    i build static lib Qt 5.10.1. But can’t compile with app Felgo, how can i do ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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