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    I installed as per the instructions, checked each item against the example at github.

    I have 2 problems


    1) Clearly Furry is not being activated in the desktop build.   The build just runs, flurry does nothing.   Is that right?

    2) When deployed to my phone, I get:

    “W/Leap ( 2854): (null):0 ((null)): ERROR: The plugin “VPlay.plugins.flurry” (version “1.0” is not included in the GameWindow::licenseKey and also no valid plugin licenseKey is set. You can create a new license at as a Felgo Pro Customer.”

    I generated the app’s license key in the usual way, clicking “Select All” on the plugins select step.

    I have:


    import VPlayPlugins.flurry 1.0
    GameWindow {
        id: window
        width: 600
        height: 800
        // Leap versioncode 14
        licenseKey: "..."  // as generated
        Flurry {
            id: flurry
            apiKey: '...'  // from Flurry for my app
          // to use a a different API key for Android and iOS
          // apiKey: Qt.platform.os === "ios" ? "<ios-api-key>" : "<android-api-key>"



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    Felgo Team

    Hi Martin,

    1.) Yes Flurry is available on iOS & Android only. The upcoming Google Analytics plugin (will be available next week), will also support Desktop.

    2.) Please use this url – – to request a plugin license key until the plugin license checking is in place with the next Felgo update. We have prepared the web frontend, but only with the next update it will be ready in the engine & plugins. Sorry for the misunderstandings.

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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