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    Since new Chartboost SDK(6.5) is released (https://www.chartboost.com/blog/2016/09/chartboost-sdk-6-5-ios-10-compatibility-20-percent-bonus-video-revenue/?utm_source=Chartboost%20Blog&utm_campaign=SDKAdoption&utm_medium=Blog%20post&utm_content=VideoBonusCrossLinks)  are there any plans to update the SDK?

    One thing is updating to new SDK(are there any docs how to do it, probably could do it on my own).
    Second bit, more important, is iOS10 better support and animated gifts/playable ads support.

    Any feedback if, and when, we can except updates?


    Felgo Team

    Hello Marcin,

    Indeed, the plugin is currently being upgraded to the latest version and will be part of our next Felgo update, coming out sometime next week, so stay tuned!





    Hi Alex,
    It’s me again 🙂

    1. I am interested in 6.5 update mostly for the fact that Chartboost advertised this update as a “20% increase in revenue”, whatever this means.
      I am not sure if it’s not just marketing/pr talk.
    2. Another reason is that Chartboost informed about much better support for iOS 10. Did you experience any issues with iOS 10 and SDK below 6.5?
      I didn’t see any but my app is not yet in the App Store, so that maybe changes something.
    3. Current Chartboost versions is 6.6.
      Do you have any plans to upgrade this year, or it can take longer?
    4. Last bit, did you look at the new features which were introduced in 6.5, which I mentioned in my original post(animated gifts or payable ads)?
      I am not sure how much work would it be to support them. Not sure if these new type of adverts require new methods in public interface or it is transparent to the developer and it just works(yeah I am lazy, I should have checked newer SDK).

    Best regards,


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    Here is another answer waiting for you:

    • 20% sounds promising, that would definitely be a reason for an upgrade. 😉 As already seen, our latest update includes Chartboost 6.5.0 for Android. For iOS 10 compatibility, we experienced no drawbacks with the currently used version, probably it is only in the details.
    • New versions, i.e. Chartboost 6.6 both for Android and iOS, will follow with the upcoming update, as usual and in line with our update policy.
    • Can you give a bit more insights about the new features you are referring to? I could not find any hints about animated gifs, are you talking about native ads? If you can post a link we will have a closer look of course.





    Hi Alex,
    I read some of the docs and changelogs to double check some of the new features.

    1.As for iOS10, this is what Chartboost says why is it important to upgrade:

    As part of iOS 10, Apple is introducing major changes to its Limit Ad Tracking privacy option. These changes impact ad serving across all mobile games running iOS 10. Users that choose to turn on Limit Ad Tracking will affect any developer using a non-iOS 10 compatible SDK by limiting control over the number of ads shown per user. Further, users with Limit Ad Tracking enabled restricts proper attribution of installs that you deliver to advertisers, potentially lowering eCPM. You can ensure that your Chartboost integration continues to run smoothly by upgrading to iOS SDK 6.5.

    2. I only found some info about animated gifts support.
    It matters a lot for advertisers, as for publishers, it should work out of the box on interstitials, form Chartboost:

    Publishers, elevate the player experience

    To elevate your player experience with animated GIFs, upgrade to the newest SDK 6.5 for the full benefits. Your interstitial publishing campaigns will now include animated GIFs, no need to update anything in your dashboard.

    Wen you try to create a new advert campaign as a advertiser, there is a new option indeed, for animated gifts.
    I couldn’t find anything for playable ads, not sure what changed here, if any.
    But there is some small info in 6.5 changelog.

    3. I found something interesting in changelog for 6.4.2 Android:

    Publishers only: All Chartboost ads are now shown using CBImpressionActivity. You must add CBImpressionActivity to your AndroidManifest.xml file, like this:

    <activity android:name="com.chartboost.sdk.CBImpressionActivity"
                     android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation|screenSize" />

    Note: Make sure hardware acceleration is added and enabled when declaring the CBImpressionActivity in the manifest.

    Not sure if this is already done or not.

    4. Also there is a note for 6.6 and iOS

    This library is built using Xcode 8 with bitcode enabled. In order to use it with prior versions of Xcode (including 7.3.1), bitcode must be disabled.

    Anyway, probably you already have seen some of this.
    That is all I found for now that can be interesting.

    Best regards,


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    Thanks for the summary, especially 1. is interesting! 3. is already part of our SDK since a couple of versions, so no worries here. 😉 As already stated, the next update will include all of the latest libraries.



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