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    hey all, thanks for having me here…I seen this app on the android market and clicked on the source code thing and downloaded all the stuff and I created my version of this game, I didn’t change the code just the picture and it works on the desktop but when I build it and I download it to android as a test build its showing the splash screen with music then its force closing. cant figure out why. do I need to change something in the code to make it work? thanks





    I spoted this on my phone before the app shut down


    get data from file (assets/:/qml/img/) failed





    I’m having a similar problem. Mine won’t load the game, it just sits on the loading screen… They prob know about this but though



    Has anyone got this to work on android?? Is there even support on this forum???


    Felgo Team


    Thank you for your reply…I also build the game stock without modifying anything and it still does the same thing.



    Dont I just zip the contents of the qml and upload it? Or do I have to zip the contents of the desktop build qml and upload that instead.


    Felgo Team

    Your qml folder needs to contain a VPlay folder with the gamenetwork plugin in it, as described in Alex’ link above.

    Cheers, Chris



    hey again, so I did it to the dev version untouched and it worked. but the version I made still crashes even with the vplay folder..is there any files that I should not touch or remove for it to work? thanks again



    Hi johnsupplies,

    First thing when you want to develop for Android is that you setup a working logcat, so you can see the logoutput! You find a lot of tutorials about how to enable logging on Android in the Internet. When you see the logout everything is much more easier. On mobiles it is very important that you keep an eye on the paths’s and names of your files! Mobile devices are case sensitive, so it matters if your images is called “img/data/MyImage.png” or “img/data/myimage.png”. Desktops will ignore this.

    Hope it helps you out, and if you have any log you do not understand, let us know about it!



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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