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    David Berry


    Fresh install of Felgo on Macbook Pro 2017 (Mojave).

    Felgo Live app on 3 Android devices (2 running on 7.0 and one on 4.4.4).

    All devices are on the same network.

    The desktop client runs perfectly.


    While all devices will connect to the web editor no will connect to the Live Server!

    Sometimes when using the app on the device running 4.4..4 a connection request will appear but still no connection after the request is accepted.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Felgo Team

    Hi David,

    please make sure the correct network adapter is selected in the Live Server running on your desktop. This setting can be accessed in the lower left corner (gear icon) of the Live Server.

    The Live Client app also lists some other troubleshooting options in the app itself, in the settings tab.

    Please let me know if you manage to fix it and what the issue was.




    Hi Alex,

    There is no gear icon anywhere on my live server app.  I install the Felgo package a couple of days ago.  It came with Qt 5.15.2.  It looks very different from image of the live server app in the QML doc on hot reload.

    This message app doesn’t seem to allow me to attach the screenshot of my live server app, but I can describe it easily enough:  a blank main window with the title “Felgo Live Server”.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Tom,

    did you download the installer from https://felgo.com/download or use the Qt Marketplace version? You can also send us a message to support@felgo.com and attach screenshots. Do other QML application start correctly on your PC, e.g. when built from Qt Creator? The Felgo Live Server itself is a Qt application with QML UI.

    Could you also add some details about your operating system?




    I re-installed Felgo and now the Live Server has the “gear” icon and everything else.  Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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