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    Running on Arch Linux Manjaro with 2.18

    I am not running the Live Reloader, that works fine, I am hitting Run->Debug.

    If I comment out one of the NavigationItem’s it works fine.

    The Error was no help to me (Disassembly):

    The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the operating system.
    Signal name SIGSEGV Signal meaning Segmentation fault

    it only happens when there is more then one item in the Navigate stack.

    It appears to run fine if I hit run, its only in debug mode that I get this error.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reporting the issue!

    I’ve noted it in our bug tracker, though it’s not a high priority issue for now as it’s a very specific and only affects the Tabbed Example on Arch Linux Manjaro in Debugging mode (no issue on Ubuntu Linux or other platforms).




    After I figured out how to use Live Client, its not a problem; the correct way to do this is to configure it with v-play-live and not the way I was trying above; that is clear to me now; I see others are making the same mistake when trying to debug, and I am sure this would clear up a lot of those bug reports, keep in mind its a bug still; but its also not designed to be used that way; and that is a feature; so its a toss up on how to fix it; education is one; don’t use it that way and you will not get that error.

    Thanks for clarifying that.



    Sorry about the confusion; I finally figured out that my error was from the Product Identifier, I was not able to reproduce this in an example; but in the app I am working on; changing the last part of the id from com.yourcompany.wizardXXX.Xxxx to com.yourcompany.wizardxxx.xxxx it crashed, it was just the Caps, now the strange part; after deleting the .pro.user file, the problem corrected itself. I keep making new projects and then doing a cut an paste to get it back to where I had it, and every time I got to some point the project would just crash on start; and this is the only thing I can find to explain it.

    I created a new Project and in the Project ID I used all lower case; then I set it up to use v-play-live, ran it and it crashed, changed the id to have the Last Part the same Caps as the App I created and it worked; so it does not like lower case in the ID for the App; they have to be the same; do not know if this is Documented, but I did not find it.




    More testing and I found that its not the caps; if my App has a lower case name it works, but its the way the name is formed; from what I have read the format is as such:


    that does not fit: com.yourcompany.wizardXXX.Xxxx

    my guess is that its tdl.domain.subdomain.app

    com.yourcompany.app does work; not sure why you have 3 dots separating it; but this is giving me a very hard time, what is the correct format?


    Felgo Team

    Hi jeff,

    any valid lower-case bundle ID in reverse domain notation works:
    So tdl.domain.app, com.youcompany.app, or com.yourcompany.package.app are all correct.

    It looks to me that these random crashes are strongly related to development environment issues. For a struggle-less dev experience, please try Felgo on Ubuntu Linux, macOS or Windows.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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