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    I took a look at the Deploying Felgo games page, but I am stuck. I think the problem is it isn’t updated to the latest version of Qt. Anyways, I got to the part For this open Xcode, open the Organizer window from the Window menu and check for a green dot to the right of your device. When I open the Organizer window, it just comes up with archives and crashes, and there is no green dot to the right oh my device.

    Also, in the projects tab of Qt, when I click on the ADD KIT button, there is no iphoneos-clang and/or iphonesimulator-clang. All I get is import existing build.

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    can you make sure that you installed the required components for iOS? For this, open the Felgo the maintenance tool, select “Add or remove components”, expand the Qt 5.x item and make sure iOS is checked. If iOS isn’t selected, select it and proceed to install it.



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    I added the IOS component, so I got the iphoneos-clang and iphonesimulator-clang kits. I added the iphonesimulator-clang for my iPad Mini. I selected the target and device from the build menu and hit the build button by got 2 issues.

    1: Xcodebuild failed.

    2: ‘QApplication’ file not found — “In the main.cpp”

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    i have the same problem here, can not compile to ios / iophoneos-clang 5.5.1.

    project does not show all proper files

    when switching to 5.6.0 for IOS2 then everything is showing in project window

    why is this happening?

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    Felgo Team

    Hi Bas!

    With Felgo 2.8.0 you should use the iOS Qt 5.6 Kit.
    Due to the way the MaintenanceTool / Installer works the Felgo libraries are now only installed for Qt 5.6, so the Qt 5.5 Kit does not include the Felgo libraries after the update.

    Once you install the Qt 5.6 for iOS you should be able to build for iOS again.




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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