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    How do is display the fps of my game.
    displayFpsEnabled property in GameWindow does not seem to work anymore.


    – Mathias



    well, in my case it seems to display it too far to the bottom. in the last y-row of the window i can see some pixels that have the color of displayFpsColor and they change once in a second or so.


    Felgo Team


    Like Martin already found out the FPS display is positioned incorrectly at the bottom of the window.
    Thank you for reporting this issue, we will have a fix ready for the next update.


    As a temporary solution, you can use this line to fix the issue:

    GameWindow {
      id: gameWindow
      // ...
      displayFpsColor: "red"
      displayFpsEnabled: true
      Component.onCompleted: gameWindow.gameWindow.height = Qt.binding(function() { return gameWindow.contentItem.height })
      // ...




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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