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    Hi All,

    I’ve noticed that on each new qml file added to a project, the project file’s ‘DISTFILES’ attribute gets the filename appended to it.

    This didn’t happen in earlier versions of Felgo/QtCreator. I’ve also noticed the demo apps don’t have all their qml files under the attribute.

    Should qml files in the project be appended to the ‘DISTFILES’ attribute? When should we add files to this attribute?

    Many thanks!



    Hi Kool,
    I observed similar behavior.
    Based on my understanding, for example, just adding “qml” directory is enough, don’t need to add all files inside.
    Probably if you use resources deployment for production you need all files.
    But lets get some answer from Felgo team.


    Felgo Team


    Similar to C++ files being added to the HEADERS and SOURCES configuration variable, Qt Creator automatically adds new QML files to the DISTFILES setting when you use the wizards for file creation.

    However, this setting is usually not required as Felgo has its own DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS mechanism. The default DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS configuration in your *.pro setup packages all files within the ‘qml’ folder when you build your application. So it’s not required to additionally have the DISTFILES setting.




    I’m just around the corner for releasing the beta version of my app, so I’m finally looking at these finer details around deployment.

    Many thanks for the useful information Marcin and Gunther.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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