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    I have a question about imports and directories, is there a maximum of level on the directories to add imports? I was trying to order my application files, mainly the pages on subdirectories, but the project began to fail

    I have on MainItem all the imports

    import "pages"
    import "logic"
    import "model"
    import "storage"

    and on pages I want to add my registration pages on a subdirectory called registration:







    if I add ‘import “pages/registration”‘ on the MainItem component the navigation page give theĀ  error: ‘EmailRegistrationPage’ is not a component, and if I add the import on the navigation page: ‘import “registration”‘ the project give me the error: ‘type MainItem is unavialable’, I don’t understand how this works, since in

    pages I have a subdirectory that contains some components I created, and those don’t give me any error when I imported on the pages.





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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