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    Felgo User

    I’ve just come across this system and it looks very interesting. I’d like to evaluate to see if it suits my needs.

    I would like to build a GUI (for robot control) that allows a user to move (custom?) objects  around and to open them up to configure them with various parameters. Underneath a configuration (perhaps XML) would be created which would be an input for a robot controller.


    For a more advanced GUI I would also like the components to display real time values from the running robot.


    Could you point me to suitable tutorials and documentation?



    Felgo Team

    Hi rupert!

    To start with, please have a look at our various demos. They are available with full source code and are a good starting point for your own projects. The StackTheBox demo might be interesting if you are looking for Drag’n’Drop features to move your objects.

    Also our Getting Started tutorial should help you to learn how to work with Felgo and QML in general.


    For doing the XML file export or loading real-time data for the GUI, I guess the best solution would be to code these parts with C++ Qt. Such C++ components are then also usable from with the QML GUI. Have look here: Integrating C++ and QML

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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