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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve set up the ‘showSearch: true’ with a couple of AppListView’s within my app, combining them with RegExpFilters from my JsonListModel – when testing on iOS devices, the signal seems to fire every time I press a key (So if i press ‘e’, all first names which begin with ‘e’ are immediately shown, and this continues to filter the list as I type more letters; However, when testing on android, no signal is omitted until I manually hit return, meaning the search filter is only applied after I’ve hit enter.


    Is there a way I can access the internal properties of the AppListView search bar to send the signal when the textInputs length is changed? So I can continually update the search as the user types on both android and iOS?



    Felgo Team


    the issue is related to the text composing feature of the Android keyboard (like dictionary features). With those active, the currently composed word will not be part of the text property until accepted. Instead, you need to make use of the displayText property.

    You can easy set a custom SearchBar as the header item of your AppListView and listen to changes of that property, like this:

              AppListView {
                header: SearchBar {
                  // connect to the internal TextField
                  textField.onDisplayTextChanged: {
                    // perform your search here
                    console.debug("Changed " + textField.displayText)




    Amazing this works as intended on both iOS and android, however when pressing the first letter the keyboard looses focus and i have to reselect the seachbar to continue typing, this only happens on the first letter press?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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