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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › EntityManager – better error handling

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    Hi Felgo,
    have some suggestions for EntityManager error reporting.
    Is it possible to improve error messages in situations:

    1. When I forget about entityContainer property?
    If property entityContaienr is not set then I get no error message about it.
    Instead, on entity creation when using dynamicCreationEntityList with valid entries, you will get invalid error message.
    Basically the error message is about missing entity from dynamic creation list where the error is missing property.

    2. Using dynamicCreationEntityList with invalid urls.
    When using Qt.resolvedUrl version, not component instance, with dynamicCreationEntityList there is no error when the url path is invalid.
    Is there a way this can be improved?

    I hope I am right with the missing error messages, could you confirm?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    thank you for the suggestions, good points.

    Could you create a minimum example project where those errors should occur and send it to This will help us to have a look at the additions faster. Thank you very much




    Hi Alex,
    Email sent.

    I double checked and was wrong in one situation.
    If you put invalid url in EntityManager.dynamicCreationEntityList you get good error message, just was at the top:

    ERROR: failed to create sprite from url: file:///home/marcin/.local/share/Felgo Live Client/qml/Pldayer.qml , component.status: 3 , errorString: file:///home/marcin/.local/share/Felgo Live Client/qml/Pldayer.qml:-1 No such file or directory 

    So the only thing is better error message if you forget about setting entityContainer on EntityManager.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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