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    This is reproduced on 3 laptops – one of them has Windows 7, others – Windows 10.

    These are the steps I am doing:

    1. Install Felgo latest version for Windows.
    2. Launch Qt Creator and log in with existing account.
    3. Go to ‘Welcome -> Examples’ section.
    4. Launch PropertyCross app.
    5. Search any city, e.g. ‘London’.
    6. Press ‘Go’ button.

    Result: nothing happens – page with listings is not shown, errors in console are absent. The only message in console is  “serialnmea: No serial ports found” and it appears when I launch the app.


    Could anyone help me?


    Felgo Team


    I just tried the example without any issues.

    The serialnmea message is related to the fact that the app makes use of the device GPS sensor, which is not available on Windows, so that can be ignored.

    Did you try the app with the Live Client or did you build/run it from Qt Creator?




    I’m having the same problem, which is preventing me from continuing on the Udemy course.

    I’ve tried on my two Manjaro machines.

    If i add some useful code to the .catch part of the HttpRequest.get(url) in the qml/model/Client.qml file:

    .catch(function(err) {

    then the console of the live desktop client spits out:

    GET http://api.nestoria.co.uk/api?country=uk&pretty=1&encoding=json&listing_type=buy&action=search_listings&page=1&place_name=london
    Error: Error transferring https://api.nestoria.co.uk/api?country=uk&pretty=1&encoding=json&listing_type=buy&action=search_listings&page=1&place_name=london – server replied: Not Found


    Maybe it’s struggling with the ssl redirection, or some rate-limiting going on?  I’m not sure, but it’s put the brakes on my Udemy course.

    Any help is appreciated.



    I managed to build a debug apk and ran this from my device using it’s own mobile data (4g, not wifi) and I still get the same error message.


    Felgo Team


    it seems that the endbpoint http://api.nestoria.co.uk used in the tutorial is currently offline. That is very unfortunate.

    If it does not go online soon we will see if we can find a replacement. Thank you for noticing.



    Felgo Team


    update on the API, it went back online, so the example should work again!




    Thanks for replying.

    I just tried it again and get a 404.  It’s never worked for me in the PropertyCross app, even when I do get a response from the api in a browser?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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